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Get lucky with HyperActive Gaming!

HyperActive Gaming aims to maximize profits
for Bar, Restaurant and Truck-Stop owners.


By choosing HyperActive, you're setting yourself up for continued success for your business and your patrons alike.

hyperactive video gaming terminals
hyperactive video gaming terminals

At HyperActive Gaming we treat our locations as True Partners and value our commitment to making them successful and profitable from our electronic gaming machines.

We provide exceptional service to our partners. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to become a successful company ranking in the top 30 percent of Terminal Operators in Illinois in terms of average profit per terminal.

As a boutique terminal operator of electronic gaming machines that is privately owned and funded, we have access to lines of credit with major financial institutions. This ensures that you will never have to wait for us to provide you with equipment or service.



HyperActive Gaming offers customizable gaming packages with our electronic gaming terminals, tailored to fit your space and needs. Our personalized collaborative approach allows us to identify solutions best suited for your location and specialization.

hyperactive electronic gaming management team


Our management team includes executives with decades of experience in the gaming industry, amusement machines, and computer and electronic fields, as well as legal and marketing professionals. Because of our boutique style management, you will always be able to reach a member of our management team.

hyperactive electronic gaming management team


Members of our executive team have extensive experience with coin-operated amusement machines currently allowed in Illinois. With our gaming expertise, we understand the math and statistics behind the various games and know how to ensure that your gaming customers are happy and will keep coming back.


electronic gaming machines from Hyperactive Gaming
electronic gaming machines from Hyperactive Gaming
electronic gaming machines
electronic gaming machines from Hyperactive Gaming
electronic gaming machines from Hyperactive Gaming