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Illinois Video Gaming FAQs

Common Questions About Electronic Video Gaming


  • When and how do I get paid?

    Your share of the gaming revenue will be direct deposited into your company account every Friday.

  • What type of fees do I have to pay for Illinois video gaming?

    • One-time Application fee to the Illinois Gaming Board is $100.
    • Annual state gaming license is $100.
    • Municipality fees vary from municipality to municipality.
    • HyperActive Gaming assists you in navigating the license processes.

  • How much money will I make from Illinois video gaming?

    Currently, live gaming revenue for all locations is public record on igb.illinois.gov. We can help you research what your area and type of business tends to generate.

  • What are the qualifications for Illinois video gaming?

    Applicants can qualify one of 4 ways:

    1. Retail (liquor pouring establishments only)
    2. Fraternal or Veterans Establishments
    3. Truck Stop Establishments:
      • Three acres of property
      • 10K gallons of diesel sold monthly
      • truck parking, and
      • convenience store
    4. Large Truck Stop Establishments
      In addition to the other requirements for traditional Licensed Truck Stop Establishments, an establishment must be located within three road miles of a freeway interchange and sell on average 50K gallons (instead of 10K gal) of diesel fuel per month.
  • Who pays for the electric costs to power the Machines?

    According to Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) regulations, Terminal Operators are unable to contribute to the cost of power for the Video Game Terminals (VGTs).